MCA graduate Anna Hoduski completes race for equality for the unborn

Earlier this year, we shared about MCA graduate Anna Hoduski and her race across the country in support of equality for the unborn. She discovered her pro-life passion as a fifth grade student at Maranatha, and that passion has fueled Project If Life. With more than 1,700 miles run and 800 miles biked, Anna and her team are nearing the finish line. Their 15-month missions trip will culminate October 15, 2017, at the Lincoln Memorial, where they will share their message.

Project If Life launched July 23, 2016, in Kansas City. Anna, along with her sister Sarah-Marie, brother Nick and college friend Megan, ran from Kansas City to California. They shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and advocated for the unborn every step of the way. Over the course of their journey, they have shared their pro-life message at 60 venues.

“Maranatha did not just teach their curriculum from a Christian worldview, but taught me the importance of possessing and developing a Christian worldview myself,” Anna says. Maranatha is not only an integral part of Anna’s life, but central for her family as well: all Hoduski children are MCA alumni, and Anna’s father Mr. Hoduski is a beloved Maranatha teacher.

Anna Hoduski - Maranatha Christian Academy graduate - Project If Life

At Maranatha, we’re family — and we’re proud of the accomplishments of every Maranatha graduate. Support Anna Hoduski and her team with prayer as they prepare to speak in Washington, DC. Prayerfully consider contributing to the team’s mission, giving financially to support travel for the Hoduski family, hotel and food expenses and the speaking permit for the Lincoln Memorial. Donations, as well as greeting cards for the Hoduski family, can be delivered to the Secondary Office by October 11.

Maranatha exists to educate, nurture and train students for Godliness and excellence, so they’re equipped to transform their world for Jesus Christ. Anna is just one example of our graduates who stand strong in their faith and boldly share their Biblical worldview. We’re proud of the example that so many graduates set for today’s students. Please join us in cheering for Project If Life as the team approaches the finish line!

Alumni Anna Hoduski runs for equality for the unborn

Maranatha Christian Academy graduate Anna Hoduski first discovered her pro-life passion as an MCA fifth grader. Today, she’s racing across America to spread awareness and combat abortion. Meet Anna Hoduski.

anna hoduski and team

Anna (right) and her Project If Life team members

Anna as a Maranatha student: Anna attended Maranatha from kindergarten through her senior graduation and loved her time as an MCA Eagle. “My time there built me up in my Christianity in so many ways,” Anna says. She particularly treasured the chance to make Christian friends, study under Christian teachers and develop a Christian worldview. She was encouraged to love God steadfastly, despite what the world is like. “Now that I am graduated, I am happily loving the Lord and still strongly connected with the Christian friends I made while a student at Maranatha.”

How she connected with the pro-life movement: Anna’s dedication the pro-life movement was first sparked as a fifth grade student in Mrs. Steinbrink’s class. “Mrs. Seinbrink had such a heart for life and such a love for the unborn,” Anna recalls. “We did so many arts and crafts about being pro-life and all the scripture we memorized was based on pro-life. She was a wonderful influence on me and changed my life that year.” Ever since, Anna has been hungry to contribute to the movement herself.

From passion to project: “My passion to combat abortion continued all the way into college, but I didn’t know how to make my passion into an action,” Anna says — that is, until she started training for a half marathon. “The Lord laid it on my heart to run across America for the equality of the unborn. Anna’s organization, Project If Life, was born.

Project If Life, defined: “Project If Life is a run across America, from Kansas City to LA and then from Kansas City to D.C.,” Anna explains. Over the course of the 3,000-mile run, Anna is speaking in churches, at youth groups, Bible studies, pregnancy centers and more. The message is simple — “We educate people on abortion, teach them that there is hope and then teach them how to get involved.”

$2K and a car: “I had no idea where the funds would come from or where we would get a vehicle, but God told my team and I to go, so we did,” she says. God’s provision came through $2,000 and a vehicle, and Anna and her team launched their project on July 23, 2016. They held their launch at Maranatha, where Anna’s pro-life passion began. “Most of the people who came out to support us were Maranatha friends and family. Maranatha has proven to be a family to me.”

The Project If Life team: Anna, as the runner and speaker, isn’t going it alone. The crew also includes writer and web content manager Sarah-Marie Hoduski, trainer Nicholas Hoduski and project manager Megan Maier. Sarah-Marie and Nicholas are Anna’s fellow MCA grads, while Megan is a college friend. “With this team, we have successfully completed running across Kansas, Colorado and more than half of Utah,” Anna reports.

How her Maranatha experience cultivated her character: “Maranatha did not just teach their curriculum from a Christian worldview, but taught me the importance of possessing and developing a Christian worldview myself,” Anna says. After graduating, she worked with many non-Christians, and her faith was put to the test. “But so many of the lessons that I learned from my Christian teachers and my Christian friends helped me to stay true to the Lord. Even today I see how much I have been blessed because of my Christian education and my Christian background. I am so thankful for the friends I was surrounded with and for the godly atmosphere I was so privileged to grow up in,” Anna says.

The Maranatha legacy: “I can hardly count the blessings that I have encountered from having been raised by so many Christian people and brought up with so many Christian friends,” Anna says. “I love that I still hang out with my friends that I’ve had since kindergarten or first grade. We still build each other up in the Lord and are still growing together into who our Savior wants us to be.” And prospective Maranatha parents, Anna wants you to listen up — as an alumni, Anna cannot recommend Maranatha highly enough. “If anyone is considering whether or not to send their child to Maranatha, know the answer is that they should,” she shares.