Five Bible verses to encourage your child in co-curriculars

At Maranatha, we equip students to pursue excellence for the glory of God – including in co-curriculars. Co-curriculars enrich student learning through art, music, sports, service and more. Through these activities, students can grow in their knowledge of God and their identity in Him. Here are five Bible verses to encourage your child in co-curriculars.  

Colossians 3:17 | Do all things for the glory of God.

Encourage your child to root his or her co-curricular goals in glorifying God. Co-curriculars are a marvelous opportunity to practice this mindset. Pursuing activities with humility and a heart of gratitude honors the Lord.

Mark 12:31 | Love your neighbor as yourself.

After loving the Lord with all of our hearts, loving our neighbors is the second greatest commandment. Whether it’s in sports practice or in the art studio, encourage your child to put their fellow students before themselves. Help them discover practical ways to support their peers, especially those who they would not consider their close friends.

Proverbs 3:5 | Trust the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.

Our world glorifies human understanding and achievement. Through co-curriculars, your child can exercise trusting in Christ. Students can surrender their activities to Him, with the knowledge that He does all things for our good. Encourage your child to grow in trust of Him through His Word.

How to encourage your child in co-curriculars | Maranatha Christian Academy

Philippians 4:19 | God will meet all your needs

Students learn valuable life skills through education and co-curriculars, including time management, problem solving and decision making. When your child feels overwhelmed, as we all do at times, encourage him or her to bring everything to God. Pray with your child for strength and faith in Christ.

Matthew 10:31 | You are more valuable than you will ever realize.

Co-curriculars are excellent activities to grow in knowledge of God. But they aren’t everything. Remind your student that God loves us because we are made in His image. Encourage your child that they are loved by God, no matter what activities they do in life. It is not about our performance. It is about His love for us.

In the world, many families use co-curricular activities to define their identity. At Maranatha, we encourage co-curriculars to discover our identity in Christ. To learn more about MCA life, click here.



Building character in summer sports camps

This summer, about 160 students participated in a wide variety of camps and activities at Maranatha Christian Academy.

MCA cheerleading

Students enjoyed participating in camps highlighting soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, cheerleading and a conditioning camp called Sportsmetrics (a camp that deals with strengthening the core and muscle groups to help avoid injuries). “We had some dynamite coaches working with our kids from grades second through twelfth,” says Dave Keener, Athletic Director and Dean of Students.

MCA tennis

Maranatha fosters the development of Christian values in our students, raising them up into people of integrity. So many of the coaches used a daily theme for their campers to incorporate character qualities into their camps. “The enthusiasm of the eager learners was encouraging to see,” Mr. Keener says.

MCA basketball

This year, several guest instructors made special appearances during girls and boys basketball camps. “They were highly experienced players who had great testimonies of where God had taken them in the sport and how it changed their lives,” Mr. Keener says. “The kids enjoyed hearing those experiences.”

MCA volleyball

“I truly appreciate the coaches here at MCA, who are highly skilled in their sport and do an exceptional job at working to build their programs through the younger ages,” Mr. Keener says. “They planted many seeds this summer that we hope will bear fruit in the MCA sports programs for years to come.”

Welcome Janet Fogh as the new Head of School!

Please join all of us at Maranatha in introducing our new Head of School, Janet Fogh! Mrs. Fogh brings more than 20 years of Christian education experience to MCA and is eager to become part of the family. “I was looking for a Head of School position where I felt I could really help grow the school and make a difference, and I feel really blessed to be the new Head of School,” Mrs. Fogh says.

“From the time I initially spoke with the Board President, I felt like Maranatha was home,” Mrs. Fogh recalls. “When I came to interview on campus, I knew I was home. It’s a perfect fit.”

Janet Fogh - Head of School - Maranatha Christian Academy

Mrs. Fogh looks forward to growing the already strong family atmosphere at MCA. “This is a passion of mine, and fostering a family atmosphere has been my goal in past leadership roles as well. I was looking for a school just like MCA that is excellent in academics and in its spiritual focus.”

Maranatha’s faith focus was truly important to Mrs. Fogh when she accepted the role. “This is certainly a Christ-filled atmosphere, and I really appreciate our team’s drive and desire to constantly improve and create the best environment we can. It’s clear that MCA is striving to guide students in faith and be that spiritual lighthouse.”

Mrs. Fogh is also excited to take MCA’s academic excellence to new heights. “I want to see MCA grow, expanding not only enrollment numbers but also our academic status so the school is at the pinnacle of Christian institutions. I know we can work together to make this happen.”

Ultimately, Mrs. Fogh is eager to build the MCA team and empower them to grow Maranatha students up into people of faith. “I want MCA to grow into a really strong team of people who are encouraged, equipped and ready to take on the next challenge. There is always room to grow and improve, and I feel humbled to work with such a team.”

While she recently relocated from California for this position, it is not Mrs. Fogh’s first time in Kansas. As part of a military family, she lived all over the world growing up and lived in Kansas twice. “I love Kansas, and this is an opportunity for me to return to a part of the world that once was home,” she says.

Mrs. Fogh and her late husband have two children: one daughter, who is also in education, and a son, who is an officer in the Army stationed in Georgia. She also looks forward to becoming a grandmother this fall. Outside of work, Mrs. Fogh enjoys bike riding, cooking, scrapbooking and camping, and is taking every chance she has to get to know Kansas City more.

“I am eager to get to know the Maranatha family, to be involved in students’ lives and build relationships,” she says. “So far, it has been a delight!”

Alumni Anna Hoduski runs for equality for the unborn

Maranatha Christian Academy graduate Anna Hoduski first discovered her pro-life passion as an MCA fifth grader. Today, she’s racing across America to spread awareness and combat abortion. Meet Anna Hoduski.

anna hoduski and team

Anna (right) and her Project If Life team members

Anna as a Maranatha student: Anna attended Maranatha from kindergarten through her senior graduation and loved her time as an MCA Eagle. “My time there built me up in my Christianity in so many ways,” Anna says. She particularly treasured the chance to make Christian friends, study under Christian teachers and develop a Christian worldview. She was encouraged to love God steadfastly, despite what the world is like. “Now that I am graduated, I am happily loving the Lord and still strongly connected with the Christian friends I made while a student at Maranatha.”

How she connected with the pro-life movement: Anna’s dedication the pro-life movement was first sparked as a fifth grade student in Mrs. Steinbrink’s class. “Mrs. Seinbrink had such a heart for life and such a love for the unborn,” Anna recalls. “We did so many arts and crafts about being pro-life and all the scripture we memorized was based on pro-life. She was a wonderful influence on me and changed my life that year.” Ever since, Anna has been hungry to contribute to the movement herself.

From passion to project: “My passion to combat abortion continued all the way into college, but I didn’t know how to make my passion into an action,” Anna says — that is, until she started training for a half marathon. “The Lord laid it on my heart to run across America for the equality of the unborn. Anna’s organization, Project If Life, was born.

Project If Life, defined: “Project If Life is a run across America, from Kansas City to LA and then from Kansas City to D.C.,” Anna explains. Over the course of the 3,000-mile run, Anna is speaking in churches, at youth groups, Bible studies, pregnancy centers and more. The message is simple — “We educate people on abortion, teach them that there is hope and then teach them how to get involved.”

$2K and a car: “I had no idea where the funds would come from or where we would get a vehicle, but God told my team and I to go, so we did,” she says. God’s provision came through $2,000 and a vehicle, and Anna and her team launched their project on July 23, 2016. They held their launch at Maranatha, where Anna’s pro-life passion began. “Most of the people who came out to support us were Maranatha friends and family. Maranatha has proven to be a family to me.”

The Project If Life team: Anna, as the runner and speaker, isn’t going it alone. The crew also includes writer and web content manager Sarah-Marie Hoduski, trainer Nicholas Hoduski and project manager Megan Maier. Sarah-Marie and Nicholas are Anna’s fellow MCA grads, while Megan is a college friend. “With this team, we have successfully completed running across Kansas, Colorado and more than half of Utah,” Anna reports.

How her Maranatha experience cultivated her character: “Maranatha did not just teach their curriculum from a Christian worldview, but taught me the importance of possessing and developing a Christian worldview myself,” Anna says. After graduating, she worked with many non-Christians, and her faith was put to the test. “But so many of the lessons that I learned from my Christian teachers and my Christian friends helped me to stay true to the Lord. Even today I see how much I have been blessed because of my Christian education and my Christian background. I am so thankful for the friends I was surrounded with and for the godly atmosphere I was so privileged to grow up in,” Anna says.

The Maranatha legacy: “I can hardly count the blessings that I have encountered from having been raised by so many Christian people and brought up with so many Christian friends,” Anna says. “I love that I still hang out with my friends that I’ve had since kindergarten or first grade. We still build each other up in the Lord and are still growing together into who our Savior wants us to be.” And prospective Maranatha parents, Anna wants you to listen up — as an alumni, Anna cannot recommend Maranatha highly enough. “If anyone is considering whether or not to send their child to Maranatha, know the answer is that they should,” she shares.