Welcome Janet Fogh as the new Head of School!

Please join all of us at Maranatha in introducing our new Head of School, Janet Fogh! Mrs. Fogh brings more than 20 years of Christian education experience to MCA and is eager to become part of the family. “I was looking for a Head of School position where I felt I could really help grow the school and make a difference, and I feel really blessed to be the new Head of School,” Mrs. Fogh says.

“From the time I initially spoke with the Board President, I felt like Maranatha was home,” Mrs. Fogh recalls. “When I came to interview on campus, I knew I was home. It’s a perfect fit.”

Janet Fogh - Head of School - Maranatha Christian Academy

Mrs. Fogh looks forward to growing the already strong family atmosphere at MCA. “This is a passion of mine, and fostering a family atmosphere has been my goal in past leadership roles as well. I was looking for a school just like MCA that is excellent in academics and in its spiritual focus.”

Maranatha’s faith focus was truly important to Mrs. Fogh when she accepted the role. “This is certainly a Christ-filled atmosphere, and I really appreciate our team’s drive and desire to constantly improve and create the best environment we can. It’s clear that MCA is striving to guide students in faith and be that spiritual lighthouse.”

Mrs. Fogh is also excited to take MCA’s academic excellence to new heights. “I want to see MCA grow, expanding not only enrollment numbers but also our academic status so the school is at the pinnacle of Christian institutions. I know we can work together to make this happen.”

Ultimately, Mrs. Fogh is eager to build the MCA team and empower them to grow Maranatha students up into people of faith. “I want MCA to grow into a really strong team of people who are encouraged, equipped and ready to take on the next challenge. There is always room to grow and improve, and I feel humbled to work with such a team.”

While she recently relocated from California for this position, it is not Mrs. Fogh’s first time in Kansas. As part of a military family, she lived all over the world growing up and lived in Kansas twice. “I love Kansas, and this is an opportunity for me to return to a part of the world that once was home,” she says.

Mrs. Fogh and her late husband have two children: one daughter, who is also in education, and a son, who is an officer in the Army stationed in Georgia. She also looks forward to becoming a grandmother this fall. Outside of work, Mrs. Fogh enjoys bike riding, cooking, scrapbooking and camping, and is taking every chance she has to get to know Kansas City more.

“I am eager to get to know the Maranatha family, to be involved in students’ lives and build relationships,” she says. “So far, it has been a delight!”

Welcoming David Sneider as MCA Board Chair

David Sneider has been an active part of Maranatha since his daughter Sydney was in preschool. But he’s recently taken his involvement to a new level as Board Chair. “I have a deep rooted interest in helping build the success of Maranatha for many years to come, so we can continue to serve God and create more world-changers for Him,” he says. Get to know Mr. Sneider.

David Sneider - Maranatha Board Chair

What brought him to Maranatha: Mr. Sneider first became acquainted with Maranatha when he and his wife, Jennifer, were looking for a preschool program for their daughter Sydney. “We just loved what we saw at Maranatha,” he smiles. “We instantly noticed the passion and energy that the staff poured into the kids. We loved that it was Christ-centered in every aspect, and there was a directed effort towards reinforcing the values Sydney was learning at home and at church.” Today, Sydney is an incoming sophomore at Maranatha, and the whole family is part of the MCA community.

Mr. Sneider’s calling to lead: “I’ve really felt that God has called me to be involved in Maranatha, and to do whatever I can to help this school,” Mr. Sneider says. So when the Board Chair role arose and he was nominated, he was enthusiastic. “God is at work in Maranatha and whatever our family can do to support that, we do. It’s really my focus.”

His role as Board Chair: “Our core responsibility as a Board is setting the strategic vision and direction for the school, and I’m tasked with guiding those efforts,” Mr. Sneider says. “We’re serving the school with prayer, doing whatever we can to help the Head of School to be successful.”

Background: Mr. Sneider grew up in Florida and Illinois. He studied at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, and while he was in college, his parents moved from Chicago to Kansas City. “I fell in love with Kansas City then, and it has been home ever since!” Mr. Sneider has done a number of things professionally, and today, he’s an insurance agent and owns an American Family Insurance agency.

Family and fun: Mr. Sneider is married to Jennifer, and they enjoy spending time with their daughter Sydney. Outside of work, he enjoys fishing, hunting, golfing and cooking. His affinity for cooking shines through as an MCA volunteer too. You’ll find him manning the grill for MCA barbecues. “Family fests, tailgates, staff appreciation . . . I love to barbecue at Maranatha and help however I can.”

Sharing his love for baseball: He enjoys helping to coach the Maranatha baseball team. “That’s my other part-time job!” he smiles. “I played in college and I love the game. I love teaching it and trying to be a positive influence on the guys on the team, and it’s a privilege for me to share whatever knowledge I can about baseball.”

Favorite part of being the MCA Board Chair: “I enjoy doing my part to bring everyone to the same page. I believe in bringing other Maranatha leaders, including my fellow board members and administration, together — so we’re moving in the same direction. I hope to do my part to lead us in driving towards the same common goals and vision.”

What he loves most about Maranatha: For Mr. Sneider, it’s the unique blend of Christian education and Biblical worldview. “Every staff member works hard to make sure that God is integrated into every aspect of every program, every class, every academic endeavor. Everything goes back to that Biblical worldview. That’s by far the best thing about Maranatha.”

Class of 2017 By the Numbers

On May 20, 2017, we celebrated our graduates at the Maranatha commencement ceremony. This year’s graduates are ready to impact their world for Christ! As we congratulate the newest Eagle alumni, we explore some of our graduates’ accomplishments and accolades. Here’s the Maranatha Class of 2017, by the numbers.

Class of 2017

$1,377,676 total scholarship dollars awarded to students in the Maranatha Class of 2017: Maranatha is committed to a disciplined and excellent educational environment, and our graduates join a group of truly accomplished alumni. Scholarships were awarded from organizations and colleges across the country, honoring students’ excellence in the classroom, on the field and in the community.

28 students in the Class of 2017: At Maranatha, we’re family, and students enjoy a tightly-knit atmosphere and community. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, we remain committed to fostering Christian character in each and every student.

2,240+ hours of community service completed. Voluntarism and community service is one way we develop Christian values in our students. High school students are required to serve each year, and most go well above and beyond their requirement as they grow into people of integrity.

17+ State Championships received during the Class of 2017’s high school years: Faith is the focus of our athletic program, and on the field, our students get to practice the integrity they’re learning in the classroom.

300 roses given by graduates to people who impacted their lives: A highlight of our Commencement is the Rose Ceremony. Graduates give a rose to anyone in the audience who made a difference in their lives, from teachers and staff to parents and grandparents. Family is at the heart of everything we do, and the Rose Ceremony is a truly meaningful time for soon-to-be alumni to say thanks.

Countless memories: MCA graduates share so many special memories together. Bible studies and devotionals, cheering on our Eagles at games, performing in the band, serving together on mission trips, celebrating their achievements on the senior trip and everything in between . . . our graduates share a special bond built through years of Christian community.

1 Maranatha family: At Maranatha, we are committed to fostering Christian character in every student, just as you would for family. With a scripture-first posture, armed with Biblical values, the thread of faith is woven throughout our academics, athletics and in every facet here. Congratulations to the Class of 2017! We can’t wait to see how you transform our world for Jesus Christ. We’re proud to have you as part of the Maranatha Christian Academy family.


How MCA means family to teacher Travis Webb

At the Webb home, it’s certainly a full house. Maranatha teacher Travis Webb and his wife Kristy have a total of 11 children, 10 of whom were adopted. Their oldest son, Nathanael, is 20, with four-year-old Isabella rounding out the group. Strong Christian family is at the center of everything we do at Maranatha, and that same heart extends to the Webb family.

Mr. Webb and his wife, Kristy, met while they were college students at Baylor University, and soon discovered a common calling to adopt. “We’d both considered adoption even before we met, and when we started dating, it was something we discussed fairly early on,” Mr. Webb says.

Their Christian faith was a driving force behind the decision to adopt, Mr. Webb continues. “Adoption is used in scripture to explain our relationship to God, and it is a symbol of the spiritual reality of what God has done for us,” he says.

In part because of the time they’d each spent in Africa, they started their family with adoptions in Ethiopia and Liberia, later adopting two foster children in the United States. Several Webb children attend Maranatha, and the MCA community had rallied around the entire Webb family.

Webb Family

“At Maranatha, the faculty has done an amazing job of coming alongside our kids and treating them just like every other kid here,” says the Cultural Geography and Ancient History teacher. “We’ve been very fortunate.”

The Webb family has appreciated Maranatha’s PETS program — that’s short for Prayer, Encouragement and Treats. MCA parents spend a year rallying around a specific teacher and that teacher’s family. “Every year I’ve been at Maranatha, families have come alongside me as a teacher and supported us, with things like gift cards and favorite coffee . . . it’s been a blessing to us.”

Informally, a group of families with a heart for the Webbs have banded together to offer support. “They pretty regularly bring us dinner, or groceries we can turn into dinner. Because of the number of kids we have to feed on a regular basis, it’s a big blessing that they’ve endeavored to do this for our family,” he says. The group has even give the Webbs holiday dinners for Easter and Thanksgiving.

“We know other families who have adopted in places not quite as open as Maranatha, and it’s been more challenging for them,” Mr. Webb says. “I’ve been fortunate that Maranatha has accepted our family.

As a Cultural Geography and Ancient History teacher, Mr. Webb often has occasion to talk about family and cultural differences in his classroom. “We talk about the definition of family in different cultures especially, and I always incorporate the idea that these are important subjects for the students to talk about with their parents,” he explains. “We study history and geography, but ultimately that’s for the purpose of knowing who God is, why we’re here and understanding the Gospel and our role as his creation.”

In and out of the classroom, Maranatha offers a compassionate, Christian family environment. “We are thankful for the opportunity to have adopted and to share our journey with the Maranatha community — and hopefully, our family is a visible representation of what God has done for us through Christ.”