No Compromise

This summer, leadership and staff will be participating in weekly devotional and prayer time.  This morning we had our first session.  I led the first devotional in which I covered Psalm 1.  I thought it was a very fitting first devotional of the summer as we prepare for next year with new leadership in both the elementary and secondary.  As Chuck Swindoll stated in a daily devotional I referenced, the first verse is all about telling us that we should be “Blessed” if we persistently avoided compromise sought by worldliness.  In other words, this verse exhorts us to be wary of losing our commitment to a godly life.  The Psalmist shows how the progression of flirting around casually with sin can lead to stopping and participating in sin.  Following this path to its end leads to us making our habitation in sin and scoffing at what is right and good.

I felt this was a very fitting first devotional in that we must fervently guard against MCA slipping into compromise in our alignment and stance with our creator God.  Anytime there is change in leadership, there is a risk that the values could change.  Bringing in 5 or 6 new staff and faculty can also impact those values.  In this devotional, I challenged us to hold fast to the truths in God’s Word and hold each other accountable if signs pop up that we are starting this erosion of the Christian life as outlined in Psalm 1:1.

But thank God that we can be like a tree of life in which we are full of life and purity.  That should be our pursuit and the Psalmist tells us we can accomplish that by thinking on God’s Word day and night.  I love that God doesn’t just tell us what we should not be doing, but fills our minds with what we should be doing so that we don’t make room for evil.  In fact the Psalm opens with the word “Blessed”.  A great translation of that is “Oh, the happiness, many times over…”  Isn’t that the life we want our students to experience?  So let’s instill in them the truths of Psalm 1.