Living Proof!

I was so blessed yesterday to receive an account of one of our graduates having the courage and the ability to stand for truth in a public college. This recent graduate was challenged by her professor as the professor stated that science has proven evolution and disproven the creationist’s beliefs. This MCA graduate admitted to being caught off guard some in the class setting, and she did not want to be disrespectful to the professor so she didn’t debate this statement fully in class. Since she did not feel she had fully explained her position to the professor, she went back to her room and carefully crafted a response that would make her parents, pastor and every faculty and leader at MCA proud. She was articulate, tactful, thorough, respectful and convincing. I have not yet received her permission to post her response, but trust me when I say God is using this lady to impact lives at her college.

Thank you to parents, pastors, and teachers who have been used by God to enable this lady to be a world changer