Diversity in Action

MCA wants to celebrate the diversity God has placed in His creation.  That diversity has many facets across the human race.  There is diversity in personalities, shapes, beliefs, colors, heritage, beliefs, and much more.  MCA’s position is that we love all people as commanded by God, but that does not lead to tolerance as defined by the world today.  Just because I respect you as a person and treat you with kindness does not mean that I have to support your beliefs or way of living if it is conflict with God’s truth.  Let’s look at an extreme to illustrate the point.  I should love you and treat you with kindness, but if you are a religious fanatic that believes in killing my family because they are Christians, I don’t have to “tolerate” your belief system.

So how do we live in a way that celebrates diversity in a godly way?  I think there are principles we can follow and intentional steps we can take at MCA.

  • Learn: if we are going to respect and properly respond to others who are different from us, we must learn about them.  Just as we seek to understand a potential spouse or friend, we need to investigate what motivates them, what has shaped their lives, and what is important to them.  At MCA, we can do that by studying people groups in our classrooms and at chapels.
  • Celebrate: God loves diversity and so should we.  Let’s do that by identifying the elements of other cultures and even of different personalities that honor God encourage those people from those cultures and those with the different personalities.  At MCA, we can do that by encouraging our families and staff to be involved in cross-culture activities that are honoring to God.
  • Engage: MCA should integrate as much of God’s diversity found in the human race as possible.  We should be intentional about welcoming and including a wide range of ethnicities, economic statuses, and cultural practices.  We are doing this in our hiring practices, our invitations to speak at chapels, and in our recruitment of new families.  We can do more.  We are currently examining how we can more intentionally engage different ethnicities and gender in leadership activities and decisions such as participation in school board committees and service.

These steps are just the beginning.  I welcome conversations about how to live out this belief better.  If this is a passion of yours, I would welcome your participation in helping MCA improve in this area.  I challenge you to examine your life, and determine where you can be more Christ-like in this area.