Teachers: Lifelong Learners

I have the privilege to work with a group of individuals that have no desire to rest on their considerable laurels.  In this instance I am referring to our faculty and leadership team.  We have people pursuing Master’s degrees, attending educational conferences and all of us are going through a 5 credit hour, university level program on biblical integration into the classroom.  I want to just share with you one particular investment we made recently into the ongoing learning efforts of the MCA team.  On November 23rd, while you were enjoying time for the Thanksgiving break, we traveled to Wichita for 2 days of stimulating education at the Christian Educators’ Conference hosted by Trinity Academy and Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Everyone came back from these 2 days with several ideas, tools, and concepts that could improve the classroom or the operations of the Academy.  There were sessions on:

  • Why worldview is so important in education
  • Using thinking strategies to teach addition and subtraction facts
  • Institutional effectiveness: flourishing schools
  • Worship through music
  • Responsibility-centered discipline
  • Powerful social studies
  • Using multiple intelligences
  • The power of technology on our students: how technology is changing our brains
  • Selective school admissions
  • Sprouting future readers
  • Coaching football to build good soldiers for Jesus Christ
  • Making math less painful
  • Dyslexia 101
  • Religious liberty: dealing with the Obergefell v Hodges implications
  • and a whole host of other offerings.

Several of our teachers taught sessions there including Jeff Walker, our JH English teacher, Suzy Manning, our PE teacher, and David Hensarling, one of our Math teachers.

Please pray for the team that God will use the knowledge and tools gained through these learning opportunities to grow the effectiveness of MCA in fulfilling the Mission He has given us.