Public Praise of Faculty

Here is something I shared with the MCA faculty (PreK through 12) this morning:

Paul sets a good example for us by expressing his appreciation and love for fellow believers and co-laborers.  I know I do not follow his example as I should, so allow me to a few minutes to begin to correct that situation.

 I have had the privilege this week to hear our seniors speak about their faith, knowledge and wisdom gained so far in their journey of life.  I have been richly blessed by the experience.  Their ability to communicate about essential things in life through a biblical worldview and to encourage those that are following them with counsel based on wisdom shared by you, their parents and their pastors has been wonderful to experience. 

 You have had a tremendous impact on their lives and their ability to say and do what they have done this week.  As we learned with the “butterfly effect”, who knows how profound your flapping your wings in their direction will have on the future of this world.  20 years from now, if the Lord tarries, and if we could glimpse into the lives of all of these seniors, or when we stand before God, I firmly believe the most important aspect of what He has called us to do at MCA is to answer the question, “How well did you help your students know God?”  The better we have helped them know God and maximize their abilities, the more profound the impact.

 What I heard from these seniors gives me confidence that God will commend you for a job well done.  Thanks for listening to Him about how you can integrate subject matter into that process of knowing God, and then using all of the creative abilities, passion, intellect and experience to engage your students to know Him and His world.  Saturday, May 21 will be our commissioning of the missionaries you have been training that will go into various different communities and fields of study around the nation.  It is a time of celebrating not only the graduating seniors, but all of you and the tremendous part you have played in equipping and encouraging these student through their life’s journey.

 Serving Jesus together,