What’s the value of a Christian education?

Christian education is an investment, one that can pay eternal dividends. At Maranatha, everything we do starts with scripture. God’s word written on a child’s heart is eternally valuable, and that’s why faith is woven throughout Maranatha, from the classroom to the field. We simply cannot put a price tag on Christian education. But the value of Christian education is not only eternal. Christian education has value from a practical, tangible perspective as well. If you’re crunching the numbers for your own children, you’ll find that a Maranatha education very well may be the best financial investment for your family.

Maranatha students benefit from a college preparatory curriculum.

Of MCA graduates, 95% continue on to higher education. From their first days at MCA, students’ minds are intentionally cultivated, helping young people develop critical thinking and master problem solving techniques. Our talented, committed educators have the experience and desire to prepare students for rigorous collegiate academics. MCA students are not only accepted to competitive universities; they are prepared to succeed once they enroll. Christian education is a valuable investment because it sets the stage for success in college.

An MCA education sets the stage for students to earn competitive scholarships.

The Maranatha Class of 2017 was awarded $1,377,676 total scholarship dollars. We are committed to a disciplined and excellent educational environment, and our graduates join a group of truly accomplished alumni. Scholarships were awarded from organizations and colleges across the country, in honor of students’ excellence in the classroom, on the field and in the community. It’s a valuable aspect of a Christian education that you simply can’t afford to ignore.

Students can earn dual credits while in high school, with the opportunity to earn up to 33 hours of college credit!

Most colleges require full-time students to take 12 credit hours per semester. At that rate, an MCA graduate who takes dual-credit classes can potentially start higher education with more than a year of credits already complete! According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2017–2018 school year is $34,740 at private colleges, $9,970 for state residents at public colleges and $25,620 for out-of-state residents attending public universities. It’s easy to see the value of a Maranatha education in dual credits alone.

A wide array of co-curricular activities allow students to build strong resumes, setting them apart in the college admissions process.

Admission to competitive colleges, as well as scholarship decisions, hinge not only on a student’s transcript. Applicants need to demonstrate that they are well-rounded people. Of Maranatha students, 89% are involved in co-curricular activities, including sports, band, choir, scholars bowl and clubs. From award-winning music programs to championship athletics, opportunities include drama, Student Council, science fairs, math olympics, yearbook, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and much more. Maranatha’s Athletic Department offers the most athletic options of any school in its class (2A) in the state of Kansas. Our students are also thoroughly engaged in voluntarism, with the Class of 2017 completing more than 2,240 hours of community service. An MCA education pays dividends in the kinds of experiences our students receive.

Take out a pencil and paper and do the math: there’s quite the return on a Maranatha tuition investment. Considering Christian education for your own family? At Maranatha, we are committed to fostering Christian character in every student, just as you would for family. We strive to educate, nurture and train students for Godliness and excellence, so they’re equipped to transform our world for Jesus Christ. Contact our admissions department today to schedule your visit, and see for yourself the value of a Christian education.