It’s the Real Thing

Since the 1940’s, Coca Cola has used “It’s the Real Thing,” as one of its slogans.  As a youngster, a few years later than the 1940’s, the popular advertisement on TV was the song, “I’d like to buy the world a Coke…”  When I think about what Maranat ha Christian Academy is, I’ve several times told people, “It’s the Real Thing!”  Having been involved in other Christian schools either as an administrator or as an accreditation team member, I have seen some outstanding schools and I’ve seen a couple that had pretty “wrapping paper” but when you dug deeper, you learned that the marketing campaign was better than the actual product.  What is really encouraging is when you find a school that really is all they say they are, and more, and that the word Christian in their name is so much more than just their middle name.  Maranatha Christian Academy is one of those amazing gems; they are indeed “The Real Thing!”

Last week, I subbed for a high school Bible class and after we finished the lesson for the day, having a few extra minutes, I asked the students to share with me and their classmates about the message their pastor had taught the previous Sunday and what take-aways they had from it.  All ten students in the class were able to share about their pastor’s message and what they learned.  One student took out his notes from the sermon.  I shared what my pastor had preached on as well and leaving that class period, I felt blessed!  Our students are in church and what parents are teaching their young adults at home is being echoed in unison here at school as well as in their churches.

Pic 1Today, I attended an Admissions Open House for families who are interested in our Kindergarten program.  Some of these families have their children in our Kinder-Prep program and some are checking out Maranatha for the first time.  In the audience today were two Maranatha Alumni, one from the class of 1995, and the other from the class of 2001.  Both were dads who wanted their children to have the same great experience that they had here.  Speaking in Secondary Chapel today is Miss Anna Hoduski, a Maranatha Alum from the class of 2012.  On our school board, we have two members whose spouses are Maranatha graduates and one board member who was, himself, a student.  When our alumni are coming back, wanting to serve, wanting the same great things for their own children, there is genuineness!

pic 2.jpgToday, I watched our first graders sing a worship song with lots of hand motions and enthusiasm.  One of the first graders stood up front and led the group, a future worship leader perhaps!   While I am certainly very proud to tell people that MCA ranks in the top 7% in the state of Kansas in their ACT scores and that we offer 36 college credit hours for our students to earn while still here on our campus, and that our students are doing well in college and attending some really wonderful schools, what I want to shout from the rooftops is that MCA is indeed “The Real Thing!”  Not only are the children receiving a fabulous education that will prepare them well for the next steps of their life, they are becoming those young men and women who will be world changers in their generation.  How do I know?  This year, there was one senior who was unable to attend the Senior trip for financial reasons.  The students got together and raised the money to make it possible for all members of the class to attend.  These seniors put action to their desires and have created an opportunity for the entire class to bond together in a way they will remember at their reunions in future years!

I also have the privilege of working alongside both a fantastic faculty/staff and an awesome school board.  Our faculty and staff work tirelessly for the benefit of our students.  They come early, work late, and grade papers well into the night in addition to leading discipleship groups, heading up clubs and dramas, and creating special projects like our 4th grade teachers did recently so that their students could have a better appreciation of what the Underground Railroad was really like.  As a fellow Board member, I work with eight other board members who genuinely place God and His ministry first.  They pray for this school and sacrifice their time and talents to help create the very best possible environment for all students.  Their dedication and sincerity is, as the students might say, “Totally Legit!”  I am proud to be part of this MCA Family!

I was encouraged yesterday, by a colleague, to pursue expressing the value of a Christian education at Maranatha Christian Academy.

Here’s a play on a recent commercial by Mastercard:

  • Cost of a basketball (Our men’s team is currently ranked 5th in the state of KS in our division.): $24 – $94
  • Cost of a year’s tuition at a 4-year college (that you can save by taking advantage of our dual credit classes): Roughly $8K – $58K depending on the college
  • Cost of having your child educated in a safe and nurturing environment where they are taught a Biblical worldview and nurtured in their faith: Priceless!

Looking back, I can tell you it is indeed Priceless!  My husband and I sacrificed each year to have our children attend Christian schools from Pre-school through high school graduation.  Raising children is a full-time job and not for the faint of heart, but it is also the most rewarding privilege.  Here’s my simple illustration of Priceless!  The picture to the left is of my son, Gene, an Army officer stationed in Georgia, and my adorable grandson, Micah.

When I look at this picture, I can’t help but smile and whisper a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord!  Everything about this picture makes me rejoice!  God’s Word is very clear that His Word does not return void and that when we “Start children off on the way they should go, …even when they are old they will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

My son and daughter-in-law are both strong Christians and are living out their faith.  They are raising our grandson in such a way that it will make it easy for him to want to love and trust Jesus for himself when he is older.  I hope that when Micah is old enough for school that he will perhaps be here at MCA, but I’ll be thrilled if he is at a genuine, Real Thing, Christian school wherever my son is stationed at that time.  Are children perfect – definitely not (though as a mom I want to believe mine are), but neither are their parents (I’m certainly not). However, a loving Lord does a miraculous job of intervening in our lives and taking care of us when we put Him first!

Our children are our most precious treasure and they deserve the very best!  Maranatha Christian Academy gives them that Best:  A partnership with Home, School, and Church, where the students are taught and cared for by adults who will challenge them academically, mentor them as they grow up, and disciple them in their Christian walk.  When I see my son holding my grandson, there is no sacrifice that isn’t worth that!  I’m so thankful that our children were raised, at home, at school, and at church with a healthy respect and love for the Lord.  It is Priceless!  It is the Real Thing!

Thank you for being a part of this Genuine, Real Thing, MCA Family!

Blessings!                                                                                                            #MCATheRealThing!  #Priceless!

Janet Fogh

Head of School