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What makes MCA Different?

A child only goes through school once in a lifetime. This implies that the educational choices parents make are critical and will affect the rest of their child’s life. With that in mind, those who believe a quality education should include an emphasis on the development of Christian character, wisdom beyond the accumulation of information, and a lifestyle of service and responsible citizenship would feel right at home at MCA.

Outside of their personal time, a Christian education may be the most valuable gift parents can give their children. Noah Webster said, “Education is useless without the Bible.” At Maranatha Christian, the faculty, students, and parents are so committed to that statement, that since 1974 the primary purpose of the school has been to help families provide a Christ centered education from a biblical worldview for their children.

At Maranatha Christian, we want to ensure each child understands that he or she is a unique creation of God with distinct talents, abilities, and personality that need to be developed to their fullest extent. This is accomplished by caring professional teachers who could teach anywhere, but chose Maranatha Christian where they have the freedom and expectation to integrate Biblical principles and truth into all subjects.

A rigorous academic curriculum isn’t the only avenue for students to excel. “Participate – Get Involved” are phrases frequently used at the school. In order to have a rewarding and meaningful high school experience, all students are encouraged to find their niche(s) in extra curricular activities. There is certainly enough to choose from among athletics, visual or performing arts, National Honor Society, Scholar Bowl, Interact Club, student council, yearbook, or journalism. You get the picture; there is a lot to do.

Under the supervision of Athletic Director, Dave Keener, the Maranatha Christian Eagles participate in the Crossroads Conference and in KSHSAA 2A competition in a variety of team and individual sports. Another exceptional opportunity for students to develop their talent is through the Eagle Marching Band, the current Guinness World Record holder for the longest continuous musical march of 52 miles.

What are parents saying?
“This is our fifteenth year at Maranatha and we consider the school among our richest blessings.” When asked if she was pleased with the education at Maranatha, another parent replied, “Absolutely! We believe the education received at Maranatha has been the best investment we’ve made.”


“There was a time when Christian schooling was viewed as a refuge from a rapidly changing and scary world. Today God is using Christian schooling as a resource for a rapidly changing and scary world. He has called us to engage in education that is intellectually stimulating and spiritually transforming. It is the opportunity to teach and nurture from a Christian perspective.”

Perhaps it is best articulated as J.P. Moreland writes in Love Your God With All Your Mind, “Augustine and his friends had it right: ‘According to the Bible, developing a Christian mind is part of the very essence of discipleship unto the Lord Jesus.”

So it is in this sense that I would further claim that Christian schooling is not about running or hiding from—rather it is about embracing and pursuing the mind of Christ. It is about pursuing the real understanding of what it means to be salt and light, about transformation by the renewing of the mind. It is about the development of fruitful bearers of the image of Christ in a world gone bland from its salt-less-ness—staggering in an abundance of darkness where the light has been all but snuffed out. …
Ken Smitherman, President, ACSI

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