Educational Excellence – Students participate in a well-rounded accredited program of academic and co-curricular activities. (II Timothy 2:15, Colossians 3:23)

Critical Thinking – Students learn to process information, make decisions, and solve problems in the context of articulating God’s truth to the world. (Psalm 119:97-104, I Corinthians 2:6-16)

Creative Productivity – Students demonstrate creativity and originality as an expression of being made in the image of God and as a means of glorifying God. (Genesis 1:26, Ephesians 4:24, Romans 1:19)

In the elementary school, Maranatha offers a traditional academic program inclusive of a phonics based reading program.  All curriculum is Bible based and comprehensive.  We teach bible, a biblical worldview and godly character.  The Maranatha Christian Academy elementary academic program exceeds common core standards by using state approved standards as our guide.  While an emphasis is placed on the core subjects there are special and enrichment classes for all students as well as a wide range of activities to help them develop their personal talents while growing in Godly character.  Enrichment is provided through special classes including art, choral and instrumental music, physical education, computer, Spanish and library.  We meet individual students’ needs through individual attention from the teachers and our learning center.  Students who are gifted are challenged in the classroom and through a variety of extra programs.

Each year, the school’s academic excellence is confirmed through the results of the ACSI’s Terra Nova3-PTCS and InView.  Maranatha elementary students take the nationally normed Terra Nova tests annually in K-1 and 3-6 grades.  Elementary sub-test scores range above the national percentiles of age and grade on these standardized tests.

At the secondary level, a college preparatory course of study is in place including the opportunity to earn college credit through one of several collaborating colleges. Over 90% of our students take the ACT.  Students are very competitive on the ACT and outperform their peers with a average 5 year composite score of 23.4 compared to the state and national levels at 22 and 21 respectively. The 90% of MCA graduates taking the ACT is a significantly higher percentage than is typical.

Over 95% of each graduating class enroll in college.


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