Career Technical Education

Maranatha Christian Academy is always looking for resources that help prepare students for life after high school.  Some students may very well be suited for technical careers such as nursing assistants, computer support, construction, automotive services, firefighters, fashion or interior design and photography.  Or some students may want to explore courses like these as electives for high school credit such as accounting (including accounting for non-profits), small business management, business law, advertising and promotion and much more.  Therefore, we want our MCA family to be aware of a program that will help your students…and it is free.

In 2012, Governor Brownback launched a bold and innovative plan to enhance career technical education in Kansas and better prepare high school students for college and careers. Senate Bill 155 was the enacting legislation, and beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, Kansas high school students could qualify for free college tuition in approved technical courses offered by Kansas technical and community colleges (see below for a complete list of qualifying credentials).  Additionally, the initiative provides school districts with a $1,000 incentive for each high school student who graduates from that district with an industry-recognized credential in a high-need occupation.


For further research, please investigate the following links:

Kansas Regents: Home page for Career & Technical Education program

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