Admissions Standards

Statement of Non-Discrimination:

Maranatha Christian Academy does not racially discriminate in the acceptance of students or in the employment of its faculty and staff. To do so would be in violation of Christian principles as set forth in God’s Word, the Bible. Maranatha welcomes students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.


Parents should be in agreement with our Mission, Vision and Statements of Belief and should be willing to actively support our educational program.

Christian Life:

The student must have a sincere desire for a Christian education, and be willing to submit to the standards and regulations of our school.


The applicant’s entering record of behavior in his home, community, school and church must indicate that Maranatha can be reasonably sure that the applicant’s citizenship will be acceptable. Applicants entering grades 5-12 must attest to a definite born-again experience and give evidence of a daily relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The student must be of suitable age for the grade assigned.


A student transferring from another school must be in good academic standing. Should the student’s accomplishments be below his grade level as evidenced by recent grade reports and/or standardized achievement test scores, the child may be admitted on a probationary basis, or placed in a lower grade better suited for the student’s achievement.

Students with Exceptionalities

Maranatha Christian Academy recognizes that students are unique in their learning abilities, present various academic needs, and progress at different levels. The Academy does admit students with special needs when we believe that we can effectively serve and educate them. While public schools receive additional funding and hire specialized staff to serve their unique needs, our academy has limited resources.  Nonetheless, in order to serve students who are performing above and below grade level, we partner with parents, volunteers, and area school districts to make accommodations for these children as we are able.  If your child has special needs, we look forward to discussing the ability of our staff to adequately address and meet your child’s needs within a typical classroom setting.

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