Financial Aid Application

Maranatha desires to serve a diverse constituency of families who desire to educate their children with a Biblical worldview, including  serving those with a variety of economic, environmental and ethnicity.  To assist the families that need help financially, Maranatha has a generous tuition assistance program that annually awards around $250,000.  Even with this large amount, made possible in large part by our Friends of Maranatha and our Corporate Partners, the need often stretches the funds available.  With that in mind, it is better to receive applications early (March. April) rather than closer to the start of school.

For inquiring new parents, please verify that you have submitted an application for admissions prior to submitting a financial aid application.  All students joining MCA for Kindergarten through grade 12 must have an application on file and be officially accepted by the academy.

Re-enrolling families must have re-enrolled in MCA prior to submitting a financial aid application. No financial aid will be awarded to families that are not enrolled for the school year they are requesting assistance.

Financial Aid may be applied to K-12 tuition only. Enrollment and School Fees are excluded.

SMARTAID Financial Aid application

Please Note:  Our school code is 13450