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I-20 Applicaiton

Thank you for your interest in Maranatha Christian Academy. We are excited to welcome students from around the world.  We have had students from across Europe such as Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, from Asia with many recent attendees from Korea, China, Africa, and South America, and this year will be no exception.  As you explore MCA, we trust the information below will be helpful in applying for attendance at MCA.

The Vision of Maranatha is to impact our world for Jesus Christ.  We believe that inviting students from around the world helps us accomplish that Vision.  Our U.S. students learn about other cultures and become comfortable interacting with them.  The students from around the world enrich the culture of Maranatha and are provided a training that will help them bring glory to God in their home lands and utilize all their talents and intellect to bless mankind.

We have great families that will welcome your child into their home for the school year.  This will allow your student to become fully exposed to America, the Midwest (it is much different here in Kansas than what you would experience in say, New York, and we believe that is a great thing!), and family life in our community.  MCA is a school that loves the diversity that God created in people.  We firmly believe that each child that enters our school enriches our culture, our hearts and our minds.  Please carefully consider MCA as the place that will love, educate and enrich the life of your child. It is the expectation of MCA that your child will graduate from MCA.

Enrollment Process

Students who will not be living with a family member must work with an agency for admission and procurement of a host family.  Students interested in enrolling for the upcoming school year need to complete the International Student application forms applicable to your student’s grade level and return with the following:

-A copy of each student’s most recent report card or transcript.
-Student’s immunization records.
-A copy of the student’s passport. (And copy of Visa when student enters school)
-Statement of Financial eligibility from the family’s bank indicated in US Dollars
-Pastor’s Recommendation Form. (Give to your pastor to be completed and then scan to the school at

Once all of these materials have been received and reviewed, a student and family interview will be scheduled. We will need a method of contact for an interview, by Skype or phone.

Please note that your child will receive an I-20 form after we have received all requested forms, the application fee has been paid, and we have had the privilege of conducting a “new student” interview with you and your child.

Please be aware:

  • The total year tuition and any applicable fees are due by the first day of school.
  • Students must be in the local area at least one week prior to the first day of the semester.
  • All fees and tuition are non-refundable.
  • International students are required to attend enhanced English classes during the month of June. This class will incur an additional fee.
  • Students must attend the full semester and may not reschedule finals or other tests that occur at the end of a semester.

International Director, Kelly Wilde

Mrs. Wilde leads efforts to welcome and support students from around the world as they attend MCA.   She welcomes all questions and suggestions that families may have to make this program achieve its desired goals.  Please contact Mrs. Wilde regarding international student registration and enrollment fees. You can contact her at the school at 913-631-0637 or by email at  We currently have the following International Agencies available to assist international students.

Vineyard Education Association, Inc.

Vineyard Education Association, Inc. (VEA) is a referral partner of MCA for international students.  Any  student who is interested in attending MCA may contact VEA’s founder, Hannah Hu McGowan by email at, by phone at (628)444-2388, or by wechat using hannah9392.  VEA has a strong history of success with students from different countries and grade levels.

International Student Application


Korean Students

Guardian Edu, Inc. is a referral partner in Korea for MCA. For more information, interested students in Korea should contact Peter Jeewan Jang, President of Guardian Edu. Mid-USA at or at USA Phone 913-226-2149 or at Seoul Office (02) 567-0309, Cell (010) 4123-0319

Guardian EDU., Seoul, Korea Office
16F, Gangnam Building, 1321-1 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 06619

International Student Application


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