Kindergarten Enrollment

The Mission of Helping Kindergarten 1Maranatha Christian Academy is to train and equip students for life and for service to Jesus Christ through a biblical worldview, character development, and academic excellence.

That Mission applies to kindergartners just like it does our seniors.  We hope our Mission resonates with you.  We recognize that determining the educational partner for your kindergartner is an important decision.  We have found that the best process for gathering the information in that decision is to research schools on the web and then to get on site to meet the people.  In the long run, it is the people, the faculty and leadership, that will have the most profound impact on the education of your children.  You want to be confident those people have the same foundation in Christ and ambitions for your child as you do.

    1. Therefore, continue as you have been in researching us online.
    2. Submit an inquiry form and we will contact you!
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