Are you accredited?
Maranatha is fully accredited through the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA-CASI) a regional accreditation division of AdvancEd as well as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). ACSI is the largest association of Christian schools in the world today with more than 5,000 member schools in more than 100 countries.

Maranatha Christian Academy is dedicated to excellence and the continual improvement of its education programs and academic offerings. Accreditation status is reviewed on a periodic basis; therefore, Maranatha maintains continuous self-study and improvement mechanisms to insure the quality of our programs. Our accreditation with ACSI helps to ensure that the school remains steadfast in its efforts to provide a program of academic excellence based on a biblical worldview.

What is the level/quality of academics?
In the elementary school, Maranatha offers a traditional academic program inclusive of a phonics reading program. While an emphasis is placed on the core subjects there are special enrichment classes for all students as well as a wide range of activities to help them develop their personal talents while growing in godly character. Each year, the school’s academic excellence is confirmed through the results of the Stanford 10 Achievement Test.

At the secondary level, a college preparatory course of study is in place including the opportunity to earn college credit through one of several collaborating colleges. Students are very competitive on the ACT and outperform their peers at the state and national levels. Over 95% of each graduating class enroll in college.

What kind of advanced placement programs are available at Maranatha?
Maranatha does not offer Advanced Placement classes. However, students may earn college credit through the school’s collaborative courses with Central Christian College, Johnson County Community College, and Kansas City Kansas Community College.

What type of curriculum do you use?
We primarily use curriculum from the best known and most respected Christian publishers such as ACSI (Purposeful Design), A Beka, CSI, and Bob Jones. When secular texts are used, teachers are expected to supplement the material with biblical integration.

What “special” classes do you teach in elementary?
In addition to the core courses of Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, Bible, and Social Studies, students will take Spanish, Computer, Physical Education, Yearbook, Journalism, Video Production, MS Office, Psychology, Art, Instrumental & Vocal Music, and Library classes.  Many other elective courses are offered through IQ Academy an online program.  You can see suggested schedules in the handbook for Secondary.

Do you offer a vocational track for high school?
No. Our high school curriculum is college preparatory oriented. By board policy, EKCS graduation requirements shall meet or exceed Kansas Board of Regents qualified admission standards for entrance into a Kansas Regents university.

Faculty, Classes and Activities

What are the school hours?
K – 3rd Grades 8:20 – 3:20
4th – 6th Grades 8:15 – 3:15
7th – 12th Grades 8:00 – 3:05

How many students are in a class?
By board policy, class sizes are limited to the following. Historically, average class sizes have been less than 20 students. Teacher aides may be placed in the classroom to assist the teacher and attend to individual student needs prior to the class reaching maximum enrollment.

Grades Teacher Only Teacher & Class Aide

K – 2 20:1 24:1
3 – 6 23:1 25:1
7 – 8 25:1 25:1
9 – 12 30:1 30:1

Exempted classes: Physical Education, Band, Choir, Drama

What extracurricular activities do you provide?
Maranatha Academy believes in edifying the whole child, therefore, the school offers a number of extracurricular activities for students outside of the classroom. Throughout the school year our students in K-8th grade participate in the Golden Pencil Club, Lego League, ASCI Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Art Fair, Select Choir, Speech Meet and Science Fair.

In secondary, a variety of other extracurricular clubs and activities are available to students through Student Council, Chapel Worship leaders, Yearbook, National Honor Society, Journalism, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Cub & Boy Scouts. They also participate in Art Fair, Science Fair, and Choir Festival. Our award winning marching band travels to Washington D.C. every four years and plays on the Mall. See our Handbooks for more details.

Secondary students may also choose to participate in our athletic program which consists of football, soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, cheer-leading, bowling, baseball, tennis, golf, and track. Maranatha is a member of the Crossroads Athletic Conference and the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA). Maranatha participates in 2A state competition.

Are all your teachers certified?
Maranatha teachers are degreed and certified by the Kansas Department of Education and / or ACSI. The faculty at Maranatha Academy brings a wealth of knowledge and teaching expertise to the classroom with the schools’ average teaching experience per teacher being well over ten years. Maranatha teachers have a passion for teaching, for their students, and for the Lord.

How does Maranatha Christian Academy communicate with families?
In the elementary grades, communications from teachers are sent home weekly. Parents can also access academic information via PowerSchool. The Elementary Eagle and Secondary Saga are published monthly and available on line. The Upcoming Events and school calendar sections of the website are updated regularly to highlight various events. Important reminders are also sent to the parents’ email accounts and on the school’s Facebook page. The Maranatha Matters is published quarterly.

If I need to reach my child’s teacher, what is the best way?
The most efficient way of contacting your child’s teacher is to email them directly. You can access your child’s teacher’s email by using the following format: last name first initial@ma-kc.org. For more immediate communication, the office staff will gladly leave a message for your child’s teacher, but they cannot interrupt instruction periods by transferring phone calls into the classrooms during class time.


What is the tuition?
Click on the Admissions Page for the current tuition rates, applicable fees, and payment options.

Is financial assistance available for students?
Yes. Students and parents who are interested in our need based tuition aid programs should complete an online FAST application that will be processed by Independent School Management. Applying for aid, however, does not guarantee that a grant will be offered.

Are my donations tax deductible?
Yes. We are a 501 (c) (3) IRS corporation. (48-1229533).Eastern Kansas Christian Schools, Inc. is our corporate name. Please consult your tax adviser for more specific answers to tax related questions.

My Child

Does my child have to have a computer at home in order to be successful here?
Elementary students do not need to have a computer at home. However, once a student enters junior high and high school, a student will be required to turn in research papers and other large projects where having a computer at home would definitely be beneficial. Computers with internet connections are available at school. However, the main way we communicate with parents is through emails and posting of announcements on the school website, so having convenient access to a computer is imperative.

Are there resources available to the parents to monitor the child’s progress, or just report cards?
PowerSchool, a web-based student information system is used for grades K- 12. This system allows parents real-time access to their student’s grades. It is beneficial to parents, teachers, administrators, and to the students who can track their own progress. As soon as any information is added or changed it’s available to students and parents. When teachers enter grades and attendance information for their class, that same data is immediately available.

How involved can parents be at Maranatha?
We encourage parents to be involved at our school. There are numerous ways parents can participate in school life. Maranatha Academy Parents (MAP), Dad’s Ministry and the Facilities Director can provide guidance and information on volunteer opportunities that match the parent’s interests, schedule, and skills.

Do you have a uniform policy?
Maranatha does not require uniforms. Our dress code is designed to afford flexibility to parents while fostering a positive, disciplined learning environment for the students.

What percentage of high school seniors attend college?
Approximately 98% of our students go on to further education.


Do you have a before and after school program?
Yes. Parents may bring their child to the Day Care program as early as 6:00 a.m. and pick up as late as 6:00 pm.

Does Maranatha run buses?
No the school does not provide busing for students except for travel to school athletic and activity events.


Which version of the Bible do you use?
We believe that there are many faithful translations of Scripture (examples: NIV, ESV, NAS, KJV, NKJV).

Do you conduct chapel and if so what do you do?
In the elementary school, chapels are held on Tuesdays (K-3) and Fridays (4th-6th). Speakers are generally from area churches and ministries. Students participate and even help lead these chapels. Sixth graders are given a special role in helping with chapels.

Secondary chapels are scheduled normally on Wednesdays for one hour. Speakers include students, staff, youth pastors, and / or missionaries. At times, chapels may consist entirely of praise and worship. There are Fall and Winter Spiritual Emphasis Weeks (SEP) as well as two preceding Prayer Emphasis Weeks. During SEP chapel is held daily during the week. As an independent Christian school, speakers from diverse denominations are welcome and invited to share with the students. Parents are always welcome to chapel services.


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