Worshipping together

An integral part of the school’s total program is a weekly chapel service which all students are required to attend. Chapel provides an opportunity for the expression of worship and praise to God individually and as a student body through prayer, singing, testimonies, special music, and teaching from the Word of God.

Chapel services are designed to minister to the needs of the student body and to encourage personal growth, commitment, and service to our Lord. Visiting pastors, guest speakers, musical groups, drama groups, faculty, and students share throughout the school year.

Twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, Spiritual Emphasis Week is held, during which several days are set aside within one week for in-depth study, challenge, and encouragement.

Students are encouraged to bring their Bibles to chapel. Students are expected to sit up in their assigned seats, be courteous, and approach chapel with an attitude expecting to learn. Talking, studying, sleeping, or disruptive behavior during chapel are seen as disrespectful to the authority of the Lord whom we worship.

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