This Week’s Highlight:  Mathemathics is the language God created to describe his creation. It is Man’s privilege to discover and use that language to be good stewards of all he has given us. Tim Warkentin, Department Chair of Mathematics


“Family Matters”

We have been part of Maranatha since 2008 and there have been many instances where MCA families have reached out to families in need both inside and outside the MCA walls.  What awesome examples of God’s love!

The Lundquist’s, MCA family


I loved my experience at Maranatha. I loved receiving a Biblical education that was Christ-centered; the school is family focused; I was extremely well-prepared for college; my teachers cared about me; my wonderful friends going all the way back to 1st grade are still my wonderfully close friends to this day!!


MCA has good teachers, supportive friends, responsible staff. Coming to Maranatha this year has been the best thing I could ever ask. I just thank God everyday for this amazing opportunity and the great people I’ve met here. 
New Student


“Prayerful Decision…An Inspired Choice.”

“As a single parent of a teenage daughter, there have been many prayerful decisions made regarding her education. We were looking for a Christian school with smaller class sizes, that offered a variety of sports and one we could manage financially. Our prayers were answered and we chose Maranatha Christian Academy.

I knew that my daughter would have the best teachers and be more prepared with moving onto college by taking advantage of the college prep courses they offer.

Regarding sports, my daughter has participated in volleyball, basketball and track since 7th grade. This has been a huge part of why we love MCA.  She has had the opportunity to get better through wonderful, caring coaches and has received plenty of play time due to the smaller school environment.

Financially, the first year had its challenges, but we trusted that God would provide… and He has in a big way! I found once you make it part of your budget and with the blessing of the MCA scholarship along with caring family members it gets easier every year.

My daughter has flourished at this school, personally and spiritually.  She has so much support from wonderful teachers, staff, coaches and friends. She tells me all of the time that she has the best life and just loves going to MCA, even with having a dress code!

For me personally, I have gained some wonderful friends via the other MCA parents. My daughter going to MCA changed my life drastically to have that type of support, and unconditional love from the minute we walked through the doors.

Donna and Rylee Schultze, MCA family


We love MCA!  Our kids are flourishing there.  I believe in our vision and mission and I’m excited to be part of it.
Blake Welch, MCA parent

I love the fellowship of our classes and classmates. I also love the fact that we are encouraged to pursue a daily relationship with God.
Bailey Kroening, student

“Maranatha Christian Academy has inspired me spiritually and mentally. I have so many amazing Christian friends who help me get through the days by encouraging me every step of the way. Also, I absolutely love the sports at MCA. The coaches are so encouraging, inspiring and joyful. I run cross-country and track and have the best coaches I’ve ever had and probably will ever have. They never fail to amaze me. They push me to my limits, but when I hit that finish line I know why.The people at Maranatha make it fun to go there. I feel like Maranatha is like one big family. I’m so thankful for this school.”
Lauren Harrell, student/athlete


The reason why I love Maranatha Christian Academy is because of the friendliness of the student body and also the teachers. I love the small school setting where you can know everyone and be your own person. I love having chapel and being able to praise God.
Brandon Adams, student

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