High School Sports
9th - 12th Grades


(9th – 12th grades)

This is the final step in many years of preparation.  This is the level where the basics are put to the final test along with some of the more difficult strategies and abilities being performed.  We have a legacy of student/athletes going on to perform at the college and even professional level in sports.  However, for many student/athletes, this will be the highest level of organized sports they will participate in.  For both the exceptionally gifted and those who are participating to enjoy and learn from the experience, we want them to have the greatest opportunities to excel in the sport.  Even more importantly is the opportunity to earn valuable experience in testing their Christian character during the rigors of practice and the intensity of competitions.  These teams compete in the Crossroads Conference as well as the Kansas High School Activities Association. 

Junior Varsity 
(9th – 11th grades)

This program was organized to give more exposure and experience to a great number of athletes who were not quite ready for the varsity level.  Here we have the opportunity to enhance the basics and begin work on some of the finer skills of the sport to prepare them for the varsity level.  Again, there will be tryouts for these teams and the coaching staff will determine those athletes based upon attitude, skill, and position needs; as well as prospects of being future varsity players.

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