Middle School Sports
6th - 8th Grades

This program is geared toward teaching the basics of the sport.  As the athletes advance in those basics, we want to review the basics and increase the athlete’s ability to perform them. This is just the beginning of organized athletics and we want them to be able to handle the basic fundamentals.  We try at this level to give ample opportunity for experience.

These athletes compete in the Metropolitan Private School League as well.  They will be divided up into divisions by grade and within those divisions there are “A” and “B” levels of competition.  The “A” division is a more competitive division; the “B” level is a participation level where students participate in approximately half of all games or matches. 6th grade divisions are available as well. For our school a parent volunteer will be needed to organize and coach those 6th grade teams in volleyball and basketball. The sports of soccer, cross country, and track 6th graders compete with the 7th and 8th grades.

Due to space and staff restrictions and when numbers of participants dictate,  there are tryouts for teams on this level.  These will be done by the coaching staff and recommendations for other leagues or teams will be given.

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