Maranatha Christian Academy recently became affiliated with Renewanation (Renew-a-nation).

Renewanation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to the vision of offering every child a Christian worldview. They believe that the real battle of worldviews is taking place in K-12 classrooms across America as young minds are greatly influenced by the instruction they receive in the classroom. They work with families, churches, and schools to promote instruction that leads to a Christian worldview.

MCA’s purposes and activities obviously align well with Renewanation’s purpose.  Therefore the Board readily agreed to become affiliated with Renewanation with the intent to raise the awareness of Christian education in the Kansas City area, and to promote the education of parents for the need to have a biblical worldview in the instruction of their children.

As Renewanation states on their website, they offer many benefits to those affiliated with them


  • Put leadership, passion and vision behind affiliate schools
  • Provide experts to evaluate affiliate schools as is necessary
  • Help affiliate schools develop fund-raising and marketing plans
  • Help to raise community awareness of affiliate schools
  • Help affiliate schools to think outside the box and think big
  • Help affiliate schools offset the national trend of shrinking Christian schools
  • Build and motivate affiliate schools’ constituent base
  • Offer opportunities to receive Christian college scholarships
  • Help affiliate schools find new sources of revenue
  • Help affiliate schools find teachers, administrators and other staff as is necessary
  • Give affiliate schools broader community and national recognition
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