I-MCA Football-Cheer & Dance 2016

Cheer-leading squads are under the direction of Coach Kristine Burdette. She will be developing the cheer program to build school spirit and community. She will be working with the cheer squad as well as student leaders to form spirit squads to support all the athletic teams. They do choreographed routines at the fall autumn-fest game and the winter homecoming games. This provides a great outlet for those interested in cheer and dance to get experience in those activities.






My name is Kristine Burdette. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be the new head coach for the MCA Cheer program. I plan to ignite positive enthusiasm and school spirit through the avenue of cheer.  Please see my credentials and vision for the cheer program below.

High School Varsity Cheerleader – Fort Scott High School – 3 years

I was recruited to cheer in college but declined the opportunity due to different goals for my college career. After graduating from Pitt State University I returned to the sport of cheer as a coach.

Galena High School Assistant Varsity Cheer Coach – girls – 1995-1997

Frontenac Jr. High School Head Cheer Coach – girls – 1997-1998

Southeast High School Varsity Cheer Coach – coed – 2005-2009

I believe High School Cheerleading should be a fun and uplifting experience for everyone involved.  My hope for MCA Cheer is to develop positive camaraderie between the student body and school spirit.  Bringing school spirit to a level of fun enthusiasm for all.  This would include well planned out pep assemblies, scheduled pep buses, themed home game nights, athletic prayer ministry and service hospitality to both home and opposing teams.  We are very blessed at Maranatha to have so many opportunities to get involved so I am a big supporter of dual sports and school sponsored activities.  My plan is to create a well organized and technically based team, which requires preparation and practice.  However, I will schedule practice times that are conducive to participating in a team sport as well as cheer in the same season.

I am looking forward to raising the level of school spirit in a positive environment for our girls and the entire student body at MCA!

God’s blessings,

Kristine Burdette



2014 cheer camp awards