MCA Summer Camp Programs

What makes MCA Eagles “Camp Soaring” so Special?

Educational Fun!

We believe learning can take place when kids are having fun!

  • Our 10-week summer camp program is designed to strengthen and improve school skills without missing out on summer fun activities!
  • Camp days are filled with academic learning and enrichment activities carefully planned to stimulate kids intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually.
    • Mornings focus on academic subjects so learning can continue throughout the summer months.
    • Afternoons are reserved for enrichment activities to inspire creativity, build relationships and shape Christian character.

Experienced Exploration!

  • Our team of experienced teachers  know how to make learning fun anywhere! That’s why we planned learning activities to take them outside to explore the world around them. When students are engaged in learning, good things happen!  There’s so much to explore and do at Eagles Camp Soaring!

Each of You!

Openings are available now for children PreSchool- 6th Grade with programs created specifically for their age-groups!

We are excited to have you join us for a summer of learning and fun!  Learn more by downloading content from this page or call the camp head, Chenaye Sutton, at 913-631-9286.

Apply now:
  • Begin your application from this page by filling out and submitting your Application and deliver it to either of our school offices.
  • Families will only be accepted for camp if all required Forms and Agreements are also filled out and submitted prior to camp.  These forms are also available on this page.
  • Tuition is invoiced through Smart Tuition.

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